Tobias Trapp

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About Me

I am SAP expert, book author, software architect and blogger. You can meet me on scientific congresses, as speaker on national and international SAP events, as visitor in Flamenco tablaos and restaurants in Mainz, Germany. From time to time you can find me at Flamenco open stages.

Interests and Addictions

I'm always like to meet inspiring people especially IT professionals but also scientists who like to discuss applications of their research in business. I have many ideas and would like to discuss them with scientists especially mathematicians and computer scientists.

As you might guess I'm fond of spanish culture and like to meet people from Spain to chat and to improve my language skills.

I was stuck by the possibilities of the internet since 1994. At this time I used Charlotte text browser on VM/CMS mainframe. Later in my professional my interest changed to rich internet applications, architecture of portals, web 2.0 but also modern  approaches like Semantic Technologies especially in connection with JavaScript.

I am also addicted to third wave coffee and I recommend JB coffee and Quijote coffee. But I am always open to new experiences - so coffee is always a perfect gift if you want to give me a pleasure. 

Friends and Family on the Web

If you are you interested in the japanese art of Raku you should visit the page of Maren Ihle: "Lauter schräge Vögel". Do you want to learn Flamenco guitar?  I recommend to contact Frank Ihle. I am glad that my father is publishing his research on German Exilliteratur on his homepage.

Sprachen auf dieser  Homepage

Informationen über meine Unternehmungen in den Bereichen Wissenschaft und  SAP sind in englischer Sprache geschrieben, da dies die übliche Umgangssprache ist.  Informationen über meinen Wohnort  Mainz und meine Lieblingsorte in Frankfurt habe ich als Tipps für Reisende geschrieben und wählte deswegen die englische Sprache.

Da ich in der Flamenco-Szene meistens Deutsch spreche, wählte ich hierfür meine Muttersprache.