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I was born in Berlin and lived in many German cities but stayed in Mainz because this is the place I like to be.

History of Mainz

Mainz has a fascinating history: in antiquity Moguntiacum was a roman  local capital and there are many leftovers of roman culture throughout the city f.e. Römersteine. The city is named after the celtic deity Mogon.

Later the first book was printed here and the first German republic constituted. Georg Forster, a central person of German Enlightenment, lived here. The homepage of the city gives you various information about various museums and the jewish life in the past and today.

Today we are capital of Rhineland-Palatinate and center of a wine region. From Mainz you can visit the romantic rhine, wine region Rheinhessen and other beautiful places like Oppenheim with its Oppenheim Cellar Labyrinth.

Places you must have seen when visiting Mainz

 The Drususstein ist the (empty) graveyard of the brilliant military commander Drusus Germanicus, the ruins if the aqueduct, the Column of Jupiter, the Roman Gate and the Roman Theatre. Drusus defeated Germanic people successfully and the legend tells that a female druid told him not to cross the river Elbe because he would die. In fact he fell from a horse and died afterwards.

I like most the sacred Site of Isis and Mater Magna which was discovered in the course of the construction of a shopping mall and can now be visited in its basement. If you are in Mainz you should definitely visit the little but beautiful exhibition.

I read that the 1000 year old Mainz Cathedral possesses eggs and feathers of the Holy Spirit as relic but it’s not presented to the public. Visist the inner courtyard of the cathedral and experience the morbid atmosphere of martyrs that in perfectly described in the book "The Seventh Cross" by Anna Seghers who was born in Mainz.

Mainz had the first republic in the German state and the ethnologist, travel writer and revolutionary Georg Forster played a leading role in 1792. I read his travel writings “Reise um die Welt” which is impressive because of his sensitivity to other cultures and is a superb example for the spirit of enlightenment.

Visit various city festivals like Mainz carnival, Johannisnacht and of course the Chagall windows. And you should visit one the various wine taverns like Weinhaus Beichtstuhl and a typical winery like Weingut Stenner.

And don't forget to taste champaign at Sektkellerei Goldhand. I recommend to try out traditional and regional food restaurants like Heinrichs Wirtschaft. If you prefer strictly vegetarian food then you should visit Möhren Milieu and the vegan menu at Bar jeder Sicht every third saturday in a month. And don't forget the try the amazing ice cream at N'Eis.

LGBT Community in Mainz

Mainz has a beautiful LGBT culture and communication center Bar jeder Sicht which is run by volunteers. I recommend to taste the organic and strictly vegetarian food there and the LGBT film festival. Visit the "Prinzessinenball" and the  CSD party in summer and join the Takeover Friday once a month.

Mainz for Gay Travellers

Bar jeder Sicht Mainz

Mainz is a diverse and tolerant place. Like the city of Wiesbaden we have a open gay major.